Great Minds Drink Alike: 4 Course Beau’s Dinner

Monday Feb 27th is when Local Cuisine and Local beer collide in a collaborative dinner with Bruce Wine Bar.

2 Chef’s, 4 Courses + Beer Pairings  $65

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Smoked Squash and Cheddar Soup

Ale Welsh Rarabit With Duck Confit And Chard Sour Dough Soup

Beau’s Farm Table: 80 Shilling


German Hunter Sausage

With Pickled Slaw And Parsley On Cauliflower And Mustard Creme.

Beau’s Golden Vox


Cider Sous Vide Roasted Pork Loin

Wood Oven Chard Cabbage & Rape Seed Oil, Rosti Potato, Apple and House Mustard Relish

Beau’s Triceratops Tripel


Coffee Beef Brisket On Barley Risotto

Caramelized Leeks, and Rocket


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